Alchemy Homeware set to expand offering

Well we might be living in deja vu at the moment but Alchemy Homeware is all set for change in 2021!

From mid January the website will be expanding to offer a bigger range of homeware accessories. We have got some gorgeous and quirky coasters winging their way to us as well as planters, vases and an array of other home decor (some of it seasonal - because if you are anything like me over the last 10 months I have developed a taste for celebrating every possible event... all in the name of my little one but lets be honest 2020 was a year for grabbing hold of any possible joy!)

I'm busy behind the scenes getting the website ready to launch the new products as soon as they arrive but I'll also be back on Instagram and Facebook to promote them too. So keep your eyes peeled!

So thank you for your ongoing support and I can't wait to get your thoughts on the new products that will be coming soon!

Happy New Year and here's hoping for easier 2021!

Lou x

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